About Me

Hello there! I'm John Hancock, but you might know me better by my internet handle, BlueCaret. Since teaching myself how to code back in 2001, I've been on a mission to redefine what a great user interface (UI) looks like and how it functions, making sure that every line of CSS and JavaScript I write contributes to an outstanding end-user experience.

Having worked with industry giants such as Microsoft, AirBnb, and NBCUniversal, I've had the opportunity to develop web applications that are not only visually pleasing but, more importantly, user-friendly and accessible. I believe a great product is one that looks good, feels good, and is easy for anyone to use, regardless of their abilities.

I'm best known for my skills in CSS and UI development, but I'm also proficient in JavaScript and web frameworks like VueJS, React, and Angular. My ability to see the bigger picture, understanding how each piece of an application contributes to the overall user experience, has made a significant impact on the projects I've been involved in.

One of my proudest achievements is the development of the CaretTab extension, which currently supports over 60,000 weekly users. It's a testament to my philosophy that when you put users first, success follows.

When I'm not knee-deep in code, you'll find me enjoying time with my family, exploring the great outdoors, or honing my woodworking skills. Yes, even when I unwind, I love to create! That's probably why I also spend my free time working on passion projects like CaretTab.

My mission is simple: To create web applications that are as easy to use as they are beautiful, with a strong focus on user-centric design and accessibility. Because to me, every user matters, and it's this belief that drives my passion for developing meaningful web experiences.

Want to know more? Feel free to reach out.

— John Hancock a.k.a. BlueCaret